5 Paragraph Essay On Albert Einstein

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Born in Germany to Jewish parents, Einstein settled in Switzerland and then, after Hitler’s rise to power, the United States.

Einstein was a truly global man and one of the undisputed genius’ of the Twentieth Century.

He became fascinated by maths and taught himself – becoming acquainted with the great scientific discoveries of the age.

Despite Albert’s independent learning, he languished at school.

Einstein is also well known as an original free-thinker, speaking on a range of humanitarian and global issues.

After contributing to the theoretical development of nuclear physics and encouraging F. Roosevelt to start the Manhattan Project, he later spoke out against the use of nuclear weapons.

The core of his theory of relativity is that: Thus there is no fixed absolute standard of comparison for judging the motion of the earth or plants.

It was revolutionary because previously people had thought time and distance are absolutes. He also said that if electrons travelled at close to the speed of light, their weight would increase.

1905 would later be referred to as his ‘.’Einstein’s work started to gain recognition, and he was given a post at the University of Zurich (1909) and, in 1911, was offered the post of full-professor at the Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague (which was then part of Austria-Hungary Empire).

He took Austrian-Hungary citizenship to accept the job.


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