6 Types Of Macro Environment Essays

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It have establish four vision maintain their success in market, they include: “We will market and distribute the most appealing and widely worn apparel brands”, “People love our clothes and trust our company”, “Our products define quality, style and function”, “We will clothe the world”.

Levi’s key philosophy “Adopt, Adapt, Invent – To Grow” encourages teams to share their awesome ideas, products and practices across the company.

This may mean the emerge of opportunities for a business, but watch out: every new technology replaces an older one.

Thus, marketers must watch the technological environment closely and adapt in order to keep up.

The company’s apparel products are sold under the brand name of Levi’s®, Dockers® and Levi Strauss Signature® brands.

Levi’s, the main brand, was founded in 1873 in San Francisco.

The Macro Environment consists of a large variety of different forces.

All of these may shape opportunities for the company, but could also pose threats.

The Economic forces relate to factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns.

For instance, a company should never start exporting to a country before having examined how much people will be able to spend.


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