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He (Nash) is expected to crack a very complex encryption code to an enemy’s telecommunication network.

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While giving a lecture at Harvard University, he notices a group of people watching him and attempts to flee.

His pursuers soon catch up with him and after putting him under sedatives, they send him to a psychiatric hospital.

Various theories have been fronted by psychological professionals to explain the reasons why individuals respond to changes in their lives in a particular way.

Elizabeth Hutchinson has particularly provided extensive studies on different theoretical perspectives that can be used to analyze an individual’s situation in her book titled, “Dimensions of Human Behavior: Person and Environment.”.

The analysis character John Nash can be approached from perspectives which include psychological, social and spiritual (Hutchinson, 2008: Carter, & Mc Goldrick, 2004).

Psychologically, Nash is initially a well balanced individual who is able to make informed decisions on his own.After this incredible success, Nash is assigned a new task to look for patterns in various publications; information which would be used to stop an invasion plan by the Soviet.He is instructed to deliver the report of his findings to a particular mailbox.Later, Nash returns to Princeton where he meets Charles, his former roommate and Charles’ niece, Marcee.He also meets William Parcher (Ed Harris), a mysterious agent who invites him to the United States Defense Department located at the Pentagon for an assignment.He finally graduates and accepts an offer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).While working as a Mathematics lecturer at MIT five years down the line, he falls in love with Alicia Larde (Jennifer Connelly), one of his students, and they eventually get married.Hutchinson’s theoretical perspectives will serve as guides in the analysis assisted by the work of various other writers.Five theoretical perspectives have been used to analyze Nash’s situation in relation to the society in which he lives.These five theories are part of the eight perspectives which Elizabeth Hutchinson has explained in detail in her book (2008).John Nash (Russell Crowe) is awarded the prestigious Carnegie prize for mathematics and joins Princeton University.


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