A Descriptive Essay About My Grandfather

To help ease the monotony of the sermon, I began reading during the long oration. February 2 2, Mother Teresa, my hero A hero, as defined in the dictionary is someone admired for courage, nobility, or exploits, esp. This definition aptly describes Mother Teresa because of her qualities and achievements in life. Mother Teresa is my hero because she was courageous and brave, but not necessarily in war.

in war, or any person admired for her qualities or achievements and is regarded as a model. She was courageous enough to fight the war on poverty, sickness and ignorance among the poor.

in which......My Body, My Laboratory The progress, research and discoveries in science have definitely contributed to the well being, betterment and advantage of the human race.

It goes without saying that every scientific research and study at some stage or other requires laboratory trials and experimentation.

She is my.....biggest and most pleasant surprise for me by my grandfather.

Due to my exams, I could not remember that it was my birthday but grandpa did and he had planned to give me this perfect surprise.

He was a child who was displaced, one who is not a part of the extended family that he lives with, and under the oppression of the obvious favoritism that is shown to his cousin, the child of the aunt and uncle with whom he lives.

Harry was a slight framed boy who wore glasses and whose life sped by without much in the way of acknowledgment.

His face always shone with a smile even when facing hard times.

Most thought his life was ever smooth but we who were around him knew the many hardships he had faced.


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