Analyse Og Fortolkning Af Engelsk Essay

It can be difficult to find an overall theme of this story.“Everyday life” might be the closest we can get to determine a central theme.As the name indicates, the main character of the story is the policeman Stolpestad, and even though we do not get a complete and precise description of him, we still learn a few things throughout the text.

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To the reader this seems like a very bizarre and tough task for a police officer to handle, and we get the feeling that he is not very fond of having to do it, too, This is, of course, a very natural way to think, when having to do such an unbearable task.

Also, it is understandable that he decides to hide the wound from the gunshot, to protect the young boy from a terrible sight.

Nevertheless, the narrative technique is understand the text from his point of view, we are actually reading it, as if we were the main character, Stolpestad.

This is the effect of using a second person narrator, who is speaking directly to us and calling us Stolpestad.

Med Nightpay får du “Triple-Up” på dine indbetalinger. The human being is a creature of habits, and it is by doing these tasks that we feel safe and secure. Yet, some people are so affected by their everyday routines that they end up being a spectator of their own lives.

Det betyder at hvis du indbetaler 100 kroner i app’en, vil du have 300 kroner at bruge på deres steder. This is what the policeman, Stolpestad, The story begins in medias res, and we do not get an immediate presentation of the main character, Stolpestad.

The way that William Lychack has chosen to write his story is, in my opinion, with a sold called “loss of grand narratives”, which basically means that the text has no major purpose or center.

In addition to that, you can also see signs of “death of the author” in the way that the narrator does not tell a simple story that we have to understand.

Noveller kan efterligne virkeligheden, men er opdigtet. Man kan gætte slutningen fra starten, og handler ofte om kærlighed.

Trivialnoveller ligner virkeligheden, men er mere overfladisk.


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