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Agricultural life in Egypt was dependent on the Nile River because much of Egypt was desert.Egyptian merchants both exported and imported goods.

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The annual occurrence of the Nile floods led to the belief in gods and establishment of a social structure.

The Egyptians believed that as long as the gods were happy, the Nile would continue flooding and bringing along the abundant blessings.

From there, they could get to Asia and Europe to trade.

In the southern part of the Egyptian Kingdom, the cataracts provided protection along the Nile. Military forces from Egypt also sailed up and down the river.

) so they could grow crops Their farming techniques included using machines like the sakia and the shaduf – these are still used in Egypt today.

The Egyptians created paper using reeds, called papyrus.

They wrote using pictures called hieroglyphics that stood for different words.

Only certain people studied how to write, and they worked as scribes.

The river Nile played a critical role in ancient Egyptian civilization.

The river flooded annually and deposited nutrient-rich silt on its banks that created an environment that supported agriculture.


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