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Polykleitos made it to serve as a standardization for future sculptures.

He intended to perfect the human being using the contrapposto pose as well as measuring the body to be able to fit eight heads stacked on top of each other as the dimensions of the ideal.

Classical Greek Art is characterized by the emerging need among artists to imitate and perfect the ideal human form through idealized naturalism.

The Classical period is marked by the introduction of the contrapposto position first seen in the Kritios Boy (ca 480 BC).

She’s bent over with exhaustion and a broken spirit. Her drapery responds to gravity and her chest bones are visible at the top of her skinny body.

Another classical Hellenistic piece is Athanadoros, Hagesandros and Polydoros of Rhodes’ LaocoД¶n and his sons (ca 1st century BCE).

Additionally, they can examine how culture, politics, and religion play an important role in influencing art.

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Artists during the Hellenistic period were very aware of how their subjects interacted with their environment.

The sculpture of Nike on a Warship (Nike of Samothrace ca 190 BCE) depicts the goddess Nike with elaborate wings and wind attacking her drapery.


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