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Anna and Martin take a nice stroll outside and see the villager’s already gathering firewood for the upcoming burning. During bible reading time Anne asks her husband if she can read from the Song of Songs book and as she reads Meret rudely her that she has heard enough.Later Absalon goes to Herlofs cell to prepare Herlofs Marte for death but she believes he had failed her. Afterwards while Anne is sowing and humming a song out loud Meret tells her to be quite but Anne ignores her and leaves to her room. " Absalon becomes frightened of her words and starts to yell for his son as he suddenly collapses and dies with Martin and Meret running down the stairs to find Absalon dead.PLOT/NOTES In the paper of a small Danish town in 1623 it reads: "And whereas the said Herlofs Marte is denounced as a witch by three respected and worthy citizens, we rule that she be seized and brought before the court." Two older women hear the town bell and they realize someone is being hunted and is denounced as a witch. With smoldering flesh..." Someone starts pounding at the doors as she escapes through a small barn door.

Anna and Martin take a nice stroll outside and see the villager’s already gathering firewood for the upcoming burning. During bible reading time Anne asks her husband if she can read from the Song of Songs book and as she reads Meret rudely her that she has heard enough.

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They get a letter that says: "I order that the Notary of the Chapter the Reverend Absalon Pedersson take the said Herlof's Marte to confession. Absalon says he will handle her alone and again Herlofs Marte begs for Absalon to save her. While alone Anne starts to quietly call out for Martin as he appears behind her from the shadows and the two of them embrace, now clearly caring for one another.

He shall diligently exhort her to confess the full truth that she may not die without penance, but her soul be saved." Anne quietly makes her way around a castle pillar and moves towards the torture chamber to overhear Herlofs Marte beg for Absalon to save her from the stake. Herlofs Marte asks him to do this for him because of what he did for Anne's mother saying, "You knew she was a witch, but you kept silent..Anne's sake...." Absalon tells Herlofs Marte to take a seat and he says, "You shall not beg for your life. Instead he ignores her pleas and prays, "I beseech thee, O Lord, that this woman may repent and that she may turn to Thee and seek her salvation. Take her away." Herlofs Marte cries knowing Absalon will not help her while guards take her away. "I see you through my tears, but no one comes to wipe them away," she tells him as they kiss. She asks if they look childlike, pure and clear like Absalon always describes them. But in their depths I see a trembling quivering flame." They head out together to the birches during the night and happily embrace one another claiming their love as they head to the spring and he drinks water from her palm.

, this film deals more about faith and spirituality, than just the fundamental basics of Christianity.

Religious or Atheist, this film touches on so many universal issues that we all question and hope exist including love, faith, forgiveness and redemption, which is all the more amazing because of the poetic way Dreyer presents it to us which doesn't give out the feeling that he is merely preaching; which I believe is an extraordinary achievement.

When the film was released many Danes drew parallels between the witch burning and the persecution of Jews during the Nazi Party.

With Nazism brainwashing thousands of people to follow a psychotic belief that an uprising Christian Aryan master race will rule the world with the persecution and extermination of all different races and religions, Dreyer's film can also be looked at as a form of irony on how even with the advancement of science and education; it still proves that we as human beings haven't evolved as much as we thought we did.

When Absalon sits down and sees his son's songbook he starts to read from it as his son appears from around the corner and finishes the reading his father was reading. Meret enters the room and watches Anne suspiciously. The chorus children arrive as the guards place Herlofs Marte on a wooden ladder and tie her to it. "It concerns your mother." Absalon tells Anne that her mother had admitted to being a witch and told him at one time that she could call up the Living and the Dead.

When Absalon and Martin walk back into the rectory an officer walks in and asks if they seen Herlofs Marte saying that some children saw her come in here. Anne starts to cry watching it from the window as Martin walks in behind her to comfort her. " The chorus starts singing their disturbing song that they have rehearsed as the men push Herlofs Marte down into the flames with the sound of her screaming; and she is burned alive. Anne asks if it is true that he spared her mother to marry her and when he asks her if she blames him for that, she tells him no.

"I see only you," says Anne and she takes his hand. But in my innermost soul I felt my death had been decided." Martin believes his father's nonsensical ramblings is because he is probably just tired and Martin decides to go to bed. She asks Marty that if Meret accuses her if he will always stand by her and he promises that he will.

Absalon arrives to comfort Laurentius as he is bed sick in his home. Anne says to her husband that he shouldn't think so much of death but Absalon believes someone has wished him death. During the funeral, Martin makes a speech in front of all the clergymen, townspeople and family members: "As the son and heir of the dearly departed...


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