Antigone Research Paper

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Ultimately, the king succumbs to gods’ laws and ignores the human law.

He decides to follow the law of gods albeit too late because he had already lost his son. By the tragedy between Creon and Antigone, Sophocles suggests that the practice of religion should be tempered by reason (Spender 23).

The conflicts between the church and a state are not confined to Sophocles’ era.

In the modern world, the church is at loggerheads with the state on many issues.

In spite of this, Antigone decides to take this path.

Creon insists on enforcing the laws of the land that prohibit the burial of traitors.The first area of the conflict between the church and the state is on the issue of abortion.The Bible categorically forbids termination of pregnancy.Humphrey and Edith, however, argue that such separations are theoretical and hardly realizable (34).During the civil rights protests in the United States of America, Martin Luther King Junior, a clergy and young leader, lambasted the church for its silence and indifference in times of oppression.In Sophocles’ , Ismene is afraid to participate in her brother’s burial for fear of death by mob justice.Antigone, on the other hand, is driven by love for her slain brother.As this paper will demonstrate, the tension between Antigone and Creon symbolizes a higher conflict between the state and god laws.Additionally, this paper will delve into the modern day conflict between the church and the state as seen in contentious issues such as abortion and same sex marriage.She is proud and stubborn, qualities that make her uncompromising even in the face of adversity.Yet, others view her as an embodiment of resistance against unjust laws (Humphrey and Edith 23).


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