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Follow the structure and clearly label each section of your essay.Here goes the definition of a dialectic essay for you again: Unlike critical précis, a dialectic essay is not about taking a single stand on the issue.10 "Resolving Conflict: Arguing to Mediate (Crusius and Channell 285-321). AVOID PLAGIARISM and CITE YOUR SOURCES using MLA STYLE! The aim/s and purpose/s of your argument essay should be captured in your thesis (with appropriate qualifications, exceptions, and definitions), should unify your essay's content, and guide you in organizing and developing your essay.

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Discussion: Significant opposing viewpoints on the topic issue you argue should be anticipated, introduced and effectively addressed in your argument essay to strengthen your thesis position.

Essay arguments written to convince and/or persuade must try to neutralize and/or refute the weightiest opposing viewpoints (e.g. Essay arguments written to mediate must necessarily introduce/analyze major opposing viewpoints, to identify and try to reconcile key points of disagreement and agreement,in order to achieve the aim of negotiating workable compromises and solutions among these viewpoints on the problem/issue under dispute. 1 "Four Criteria of Mature Reasoning" (Crusius and Channell 11-14) and Ch. See also relevant discussions of opposing viewpoints and audience analysis in Ch.

Even if you’re writing an informative essay, you still have the job of trying to convince your audience that the information is important.

However, there are times you’ll be asked to write an essay that is specifically an argumentative piece.

An argumentative essay is one that makes a clear assertion or argument about some topic or issue.

When you’re writing an argument essay, it’s important to remember that an academic argument is quite different from a regular, emotional argument.

In an academic argument, you’ll have a lot more constraints you have to consider, and you’ll focus much more on logic and reasoning than emotions.

Argumentative essays are quite common in academic writing and are often an important part of writing in all disciplines.

--Submission Requirement 1: A Paper Copy of your Research-Based Argument Essay “Final” Draft \ must be word-processed, double-spaced, and correctly formatted according to general manuscript form and MLA style requirements for formal graded assignments.

--Submission Requirement 2: An Electronic Version of your Research-Based Argument Essay Final Draft must also be sent to Cora on the due date, via individual COCC email, to be submitted to Turnitin to generate a Turnitin Originality Report to check for verbatim plagiarism; Textbook help: Review Julie Ross's "Why Residential Construction Needs to Get a Conscience," available in Chapter 5 of our textbook (reprinted in Crusius and Channell 142-151), as a good model of Manuscript Form and MLA-style in-text citation and Works Cited practices Textbook help: Review Ch.


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