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Not only is “Guernica” Pablo Picasso’s most famous work but also his most powerful.Painted as an immediate reaction to the Nazi’s devastating casual bombing practice on the small town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War this painting makes a very bold political statement.These balances give unity or a unifying feeling to the painting, especially between the mother and daughter.

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      “The Grafin von Scholfeld with her Daughter” is oil on canvas art piece painted in 1793.

It is a painting of a woman holding her daughter on her lap, the The little girl’s dress gives the texture of lightness and seems like airy fabric that would be thin and translucent.

The time in this piece is very accurate of the late 1700’s and when viewing it, the time seems classic.

The emphasis of this piece is mainly the mother and the daughter, however when looking at them you are drawn into looking at their realistic eyes.

The wine colored dress of the mother, red sash of the daughter’s dress, ruby lips, and the rosy cheeks give a warm feeling to the central focus of the mother and daughter.

The cool color of the sky is the same as the women’s eyes as well as the trees and green on the mother’s dress.Form an opinion as to whether the work is successful at communicating their idea.Pose advice suggesting ideas of how to help the artist communicate their idea more successfully if necessary. 306 Institutions have accepted or given pre-approval for credit transfer.Write a summative essay critiquing a piece of art using Feldman's Four-step Critical Method Describe elements by listing all factual information with elaborate detail Analyze the interactive organization of elements of design with the principles of design Interpret the message, mood, and meaning based on evidence acquired from descriptive facts, and analytic organization.Evaluate technique, composition, format, media choices/execution relevant to the artist's intention at communicating their concept.The chaotic nature of the painting reveals the chaos and disorder of the actual event.Also, we see pained faces on every figure represented in the painting showing the emotional and physical suffering that was inflicted on these civilians.This painting was done by Picasso, one of the most renowned painters of his time.When mentioning the art of painting, Picasso is the first name that comes to the forefront of many minds.The painting reveals the tragedies of war and the physical and emotional toll it took on individuals, particularly innocent civilians.We must also consider what the work of art reveals about the subject matter or form.


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