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Steiner(Spring 2013) Thoughts on Creation Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas (Spring 2013) Bridge Art Serves as Bridge to Community Joan Vos Mac Donald (Spring 2013) Landscape Painting: Studio or Raymond J. A.( June online 2011) The Prismatic Palette Leslie Watkins (May/ June 2012) Joan Miró : The Constellations by Ina Cole (May/ June 2011) Pablo Picasso: The Development of a Peace Symbol by Ina Cole (May/ June 2010) 52 on 57th: Essay about Galleries on 57th Street, NYC and Gallery night. Steiner (May/ June 2010) Michelangelo and Mapplethorpe by Amanda Ruggeri (online Jan/Feb 2010) “An American View: Art on Long Island” by Ginger Lee Hendler (Nov/ Dec 2009) Angst, Politics, & Art Appreciation By Ginger Lee Hendler (Sept/ Oct 2009) F. Marinetti: The Revolutionary Mentor By Ina Cole (July Aug 2009) What is Art and When is it Craft?Steiner (January/ February 2013) “Japanese Touch; at Mohonk Arts” By Hanna M. By Ginger Lee Hendler (July Aug 2009) Musings on Art Around Long Island: Serendipity, Synchronicity, and Slobodkina By Ginger Lee Hendler (April 2009) The Circus in Modern Art By Ina Cole (November 2008) The Welsh Prints of Stuart Evans by Henry Hughes ( The Fragrance of Eternity By Meriel Hoare (Oct '06) James Turrell: Pathway to the Sky by Ina Cole (Oct.

Steiner Spring 2014) A few Days In Cordoba: Mauricio Lasansky and Stefan Zweig by Nina Barragan (February 2014 online) Silla: The Korean Exhibition at the Met Kathleen Arffmann (Feb 2014) The Child Within Ina Cole (Spring 2014) Pencil Nex – New Generation Art in Eastern Europe, after the Communist struggle By Damian Targan (Jan online 2014)What is African Art? Tagliaferro (Winter 2013 Looking at Art: A Guide for the (understandably) Perplexed - Part III The Artwriting Raymond J.

A Question of Identity at Harare’s latest Gallery By A. Steiner Winter 2013) Looking at Art: A Guide for the (understandably) Perplexed - Part II The Artist Raymond J.

The focal point of the painting was the little girl in red and it catches your eye right away. My family has always said I was born in the wrong time period, because I'm so interested in the clothes, cars, and everything else from past time periods.

I think it was very important for the artist to put the car behind the little girl in the painting, because it gives more to the picture.

'06) Life Drawing by Henry Hughes (September '06) Artist as Revolutionary: A Preview of 2006 in Great Britain Ina Cole (Jan/Feb 2006) Chen Chi (1912 - 2005): In Memoriam RJS The American Theme in Britain (July, 2005) Prints vs.

Reproductions Phil Metzger (Jan/Feb, 2005) Compton Verney: A New Attraction for Great Britain (Jun, 2004 Ina Cole) Cinema Italia: Italien Film Posters Selma Stern (Dec, 2003 ) Tate St Ives 10th Anniversary Ina Cole (Sept, '03) Indian Market Deborah Davis (Sept, 2003) In the Land of the Wyeths Linda Mc K.14, 2018) Tippet Rise Art Center Encountering Art, Music, and Technology in Nature Mark Laiosa (Sept.24, 2018) 50-Year Celebratory Woodstock School of Art Exhibit: “Founders: 1968” Raymond J. 24, 2018) Dina Wind and Seward Johnson: Drawing in Space Christina Turczyn Sept.Color is actually a property of light, but very important to this piece.Usually in pieces set in the past you do not see color only black and white but in this piece you see vivid colors, with different hues, values, and intensity.Place Visited: Collin County Community College Arts Gallery Title: Plano, Past Artist: Janee Reeder Method: Painting Medium/Media: Acrylic The two most dominant visual elements of design in this piece are line and color. This piece has a mixture of both, actual and implied line, and contour and gesture line. It is able to create different moods and feelings with minimal effort.Steiner( Nov/ Dec 2012) Woodstock Prints: Past and Present Raymond J.Steiner (Nov/ Dec 2012) Eugene Ludins An American Fantasist at the SDMA, SUNY New Paltz Raymond J.The meaning or message from this piece is time stopped in a picture.Or a look into the past would be another meaning or message in this piece.


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