Assigning Tasks To Employees

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Tasks can be defined as an activity which needs to be accomplished within a period of time.Creating Tasks and assigning them to respective owners helps have a track of the job done by individuals and also helps to maintain a record of activities to be completed. Individual Tasks - which can be added by the admin or by Reporting Manager for his/her subordinates or by the user for self.Create a project, schedule tasks and assign them immediately no matter where you are.

This app gives you the tools to go straight from the planning phase to the “doing” phase from the web, your i Phone or an Android device.

ability to notify or not notify people on certain updates; good permission levels that enable employees to loop in clients (or anyone else) on an as needed basis.

There are so many small tasks going on in your business every day that it can seem impossible to keep on top of them all.

Task assigning; "card only" view to see exactly what assignments apply to various members and their corresponding due dates.

With these tools, you can easily delegate tasks for any project so that nothing ever falls through the cracks.


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