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Maintain coordination with the member, medical facility, MPF, and HQ AFPC/DPPD.2.4. Except in situations of critical illness or injury in which return to duty is not expected, a written statement from the member's immediate commanding officer or supervisor describing the impact of the members medical condition on normal military duties and ability to deploy or mobilize, as applicable, will be submitted with the documentation required by AFI 48-123.... The disability system provides for two PEBs: an Informal PEB and a Formal PEB. While traveling directly to or from the place at which such duty is performed; and/or8.2.3.2.If either board finds a member unfit, it recommends appropriate disposition based on the degree of impairment caused by the disabling condition, the date incurred, and the member's line of duty status. The following ARC members who have impairments which were incurred or aggravated in the line of duty are eligible for disability processing:8.2.1. On active duty for 30 days or less or on call to Inactive Duty Training (IDT). After September 23, l996, any injury, illness, or disease incurred or aggravated while remaining overnight, between successive periods of IDT, at or in the vicinity of the site of the inactive duty training, if the site is outside reasonable commuting distance of the member's residence. ARC members are ineligible for disability processing if the member is pending an approved, unsuspended, punitive discharge or dismissal. Chapter 4APPOINTMENT, ENLISTMENT, AND INDUCTIONSection 4A--Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, and Induction.4.1. Do DI 6130.03, Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, and Induction, establishes basic medical standards for enlistment, appointment, and induction into the Armed Forces of the United States according to the authority contained in Title 10, United States Code, Section 113.Role of the Medical Officers in the MEB Process.2.2.1. Role of the Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO). Ensure disability cases referred to the PEB are complete, accurate, and fully documented.2.3.2.

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So if Base X has authorizations for 100 aircraft maintainers, it is okay for them to have only 85 maintainers assigned.

Should they fall lower than 85% manning, another maintainer could PCS in -- but not until then.

Now, you will need to remain on base for four years before you can get a new assignment to another stateside base.

All enlisted Airmen are affected by this change, as are officers in support, judge advocate, chaplain, and medical career fields. The Air Force works with these couples to help them find assignments that allow them to stay together.

Chapter 5CONTINUED MILITARY SERVICE (RETENTION STANDARDS)Section 5B--Medical Standards for Continued Military Service (Retention Standards)5.3. While this is not an all-inclusive list of disqualifying conditions, conditions and defects listed in Chapter 5 and the Medical Standards Directory are potentially disqualifying and/or preclude continued military service.

The standards and other diseases or defects not specifically listed can be cause for rejection based upon the medical judgment of the examining physician or reviewing authority.In an effort to save PCS dollars and to stabilize and better develop the force, new policies have been developed regarding PCS moves that will keep most Air Force personnel in one location for a longer period of time.This can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.Finally, the Air Force has extended by 12 months the tours of Airmen in jobs coded as Assignment Availability Code 50 (AAC 50).Airmen affected by this change are now serving in special jobs where the Air Force initially set an absolute limit on how long they could serve. If you don’t know if this change affects you, check with your supervisor to determine if you are coded as AAC 50.The physical defect or conditions must render the member unfit for duty.Disability evaluation begins only when examination, treatment, hospitalization, or substandard performance result in referral to a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB). Comments: "HQ AFPC/DPPD" is USAF Physical Disability Division....2.2. Recommend the disposition of the MEB case and refer it to the approving authority as outlined in AFI 48-123.2.3.A PEB is not a statutory board, and there is no statute of limitations in considering evidence.... On active duty for 31 days or more while the member was entitled to basic pay.8.2.2. 502(B) due to authorized absence to participate in an educational program, or for an emergency purpose, as determined by the SAF or designated representative. Additionally, members of the Ready Reserve with nonduty-related impairments pending separation for failure to meet physical standards. Do DI 6130.03 sets forth the medical conditions and physical defects that are causes for rejection for military service.Chapter 8EVALUATION OF AIR RESERVE COMPONENT (ARC) MEMBERSSection 8A- General Guidelines8.1. This chapter provides the guidelines for processing through the disability system certain ARC members who meet eligibility requirements in paragraph 8.2. After 23 Sep 96, on active duty for 31 days or more but not entitled to basic pay under 37 U. These standards are not all inclusive and other diseases or defects can be cause for rejection based upon the medical judgment of the examining healthcare provider....For elective surgery information, refer to AFI 44-102, Medical Care Management. This includes, but is not limited to: dependence on medications or other treatments requiring frequent clinical monitoring, special handling or severe dietary restrictions. The individual’s retention in the military service would prejudice the best interests of the government.In addition, non-emergent elective surgeries within 6 months of separation or retirement must have additional prior approval by HQ AFPC/DPAMM, as required IAW AFI 41-210. These are sections of this 183-page document; to see the detailed descriptions, view or download the complete regulation by clicking on the the link to it in the box above these comments. Questionable cases are referred to AFPC/DPANM or to the appropriate ARC/SG for those ARC members who are not on EAD and are not authorized disability processing. The individual has an EPTS defect/condition which requires surgery, but the residuals of surgery may affect his/her retain ability.


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