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Archeologically speaking, Mount Washington was at one time a massive ocean floor.Millions of years ago, tectonic plates slid under one another, moving and folding the sea floor into vast wrinkles of folding rock that you can see today all the way up the Auto Road.The precise color depends not only on the chlorophyll, but also on the complexion of metal ions and other hard-to-predict factors.

Some of the most dramatic views by far are from the Mount Washington Auto Road.

As you ascend Mount Washington, the Auto Road pulls off a unique trick: With each elevation of 1,000 feet, you are actually climbing north 250 miles in latitude, making the eight-mile road similar to a trip 1,500 miles north in latitude.

During this time period, Keats created some of his best poetry.

These works would forever elevate Keats as a brilliant and talented poet whose mark would be left on the literary world forever.

Emily, in Thornton Wilder’s timeless play “Our Town,” set in the fictional New Hampshire town of Grover’s Corners, asks the stage manager: “Do human beings ever realize life while they live it?

To Autumn - The Final Season In the Life of a Poet The years between 18 mark the final stage in John Keat's life. Just as the V-formations of Canada geese head south, flocks, groves, and busloads of “leaf peepers” head to northern New England from all over the globe.They come to watch the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire “blush,” and soon discover that they are chasing a moving target.Each year, bands and pockets of these leafy trees form a moving Persian carpet rippling across the rugged, uneven topography of northern New England, changing every day and at every hour of the day for three short weeks.“Senescence”—the term given to the changing colors of the leaves—is not what it appears: Leaves do not actually “turn” colors.The spatial and temporal variability make the color displays unpredictable from year to year, so there is always a bit of adventure in determining the best places and times to seek optimal viewing as the colors move across the landscape.The most famous leaf peeping route in all of northern New England forms a loop that weaves in and out of the White Mountain National Forest, home to 100 mountains, 48 of them more than 4,000 feet high, including 6,288-foot Mount Washington—the tallest peak east of the Mississippi River.Deciduous trees give way to conifers that give way to a virgin forest, home to miniature bonsai-type krummholz trees, bent by the continuous wind for hundreds of years.Driving from the base to the summit takes you, climate-wise, from New Hampshire to the Arctic Circle, and you’ll find an ancient alpine tundra up there.The last years of Keat's life were met with many challenges as well as inspirations.It was a combination of these which not only influenced, but inspired Keats to write such poems as, "The Eve of St.


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