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BACKGROUNDThe Baraka School The creation of The Baraka School was spearheaded by Baltimore's Abell Foundation with the notion that if one removes the most disruptive, inner city students to a residential learning situation, it would help those students.

The site in Kenya was chosen because land was inexpensive and teachers, half of whom were Kenyan, were willing to work for salaries as low as $5,000 a year.

After a year in Africa the boys return to Baltimore for summer vacation.

The story takes an unexpected twist when political unrest in Kenya and questions about funding leads to the closure of the program and force the boys back into the troubled Baltimore public schools.

Due to the family’s situation dealing with their surrounding city, the five ways a family will thrive and function that we learned in class definitely pertain to “Boys of As the fourth family function, nurturing peer relationships is the most common problem amongst the boys in Baltimore.

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Because the crime rate is so high in the boy’s town, they have become accustomed to seeing people fighting, drinking and smoking, and being arrested.The last family function is ensuring stability and harmony, in other words providing predictable routines for their kids.As the mothers try so hardly to structure a perfect lifestyle for their sons, it is visible that it simply can’t be done in the city of Baltimore.The tape should be stopped when the boys go back to Baltimore for the summer and resumed the next class from that point.Students will then participate in a classroom discussion on the issues presented in the film and complete a writing assignment.OVERVIEWFILM: This lesson plan is designed to be used with the film The Boys of Baraka, a 90-minute documentary by filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady.The film tells the story of a group of middle school boys from inner city Baltimore who are selected to attend a boarding school in rural Kenya, East Africa.Viewers hear directly from the boys and their families about how the experience inspires their hopes and dreams.The boys are shown during their first year at the Baraka School in Kenya, where they make significant academic progress while also grappling with behavioral and disciplinary issues.ACTIVITYProcedure Review the above background information with students before screening the film.The screening of the film should take two classroom periods.


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