Blindfold Walk Essay

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Team members are blindfolded and then presented with a set of shapes from which two have been removed.The team have the task of identifying the shape and version of each of the two pieces that have been removed.

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The sighted person is well placed to support the person and to watch out for their safety.

Typcially I would set aside 30 minutes for this activity with participants swapping roles about half way through.

This is good for developing the habit of closer working relationships.

Blindfolds make some team building activities more memorable - for example a meal out together can be fun, but include a blindfolds course with a mystery memory, and the team will be talking about it afterwards, hopefully for the right reasons.

I, on the other hand, like the idea of the first time we see each other being during the ceremony…I feel like it’s supposed to be an emotional moment I guess.

I’ve been perusing pinterest (probably way more than I should.. ) and I really like the idea of a blindfolded first look, it seems like the best of both worlds.

Good to have people on either side to make sure that they don't fall over.

In a good sized room lay a number of light objects on the floor.

This one is all about problem solving, communication and teamwork.

Use a rope about 20m long with the ends joined to make a large loop. Work on an open grassed lawn with no obstacles / slopes. Players work in pairs, a controller who is sighted and a robot who is blindfolded.


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