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resize=680,1020" data-recalc-dims="1" This Cereal Box Book Report is a unique twist on the traditional book report format, and I have seen it work great for lots of different ages.Students will design and attach a captivating cover, a list of story “ingredients”, an introduction to themselves, an “about the author” section, a summary of the book, an additional creative piece, etc.

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They will also be asked to prepare and present a cereal box commercial.

Students absolutely love this project, and their presentations are always so fun to watch.

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Start your search by selecting the state, grade and subject area below.And caused them to mature into the characters you are getting to know.A couple of flashback passages that I’ll refer to as Phina’s Vietnam Flashback did not provide enough separation of past/present transition.Also a fantastic opportunity for students to put their projects on display for others to see.Parents need to know that this book asks readers to consider whether a person can be both Christian and gay.Paul makes out with his girlfriend, but their relationship is pretty chaste.Does the “bad” apple really fall far from the proverbial tree?I have my fingers crossed on which character I want to kick into the harem as the 3rd. While Bad Apple had a little bit of a slow start for me to actually get into it, once I was (oh lort, I was) I was attached to the story hook, line and sinker.There is a smidgen of a cliff-hanger in the end, but nothing that should result in you tossing your e-reader across the room while you emit a pterodactyl screech.You’ll have to decide for yourself after you’ve read Bad Apple – Book one of the Their Evil Queen Series.In Bad Apple, you’ll have an in-depth look at how these characters met, and what happened in their past(s) that lead them to where they are now.


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