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Mishna (2012) states, “Students may become the target of bullying when they do not fit into the mold of the “ideal” student with respect to countless features”.Just as there are risk factors that may lead to becoming a bully, there are…Mishna (2012) states “The families of children who bully are prone to lack warmth or be excessively permissive”.

“1 in 7 students in grades k-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying” (“Facts and Statistics,” 2009). A bully is someone who repeatedly performs acts of verbal or physical aggression intended to hurt another person.

What characteristics and behaviors might someone who bullies others have?

Often bullies are insensitive to how their actions and behaviors.

They pick on and tease others with little to no regard to it may make someone feel.

Some personality and behavior risk factors can be low self-esteem, aggressive behavior, lack of empathy, harassment from others, physical strength, and a low tolerance of others actions. What characteristics and behaviors might a victim of bullying have?

Some characteristics and behaviors of bullying victims may include exhibiting insecurity, being an introvert, having special needs or a learning disability, or being smaller and weaker.

Children who are bullied can sometimes take that anger and aggression and lash out at peers to gain attention from others.

Bullies may be physically strong, defiant, exhibit aggressive behavior, and could have difficulty following rules.

That is why I have decided to study the concept of bullying, find out the reasons why people do that and see who is to blame.

Finally, my aim is to analyze and come up with the ways to stop cyber bullying.


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