Bullying Survey Thesis

Then have them select the one that best matches your school’s climate and focus areas.In order to collect good data from your students and staff, it’s important that school wide bullying surveys be done anonymously so everyone is free to respond to the bullying questionnaire without fear that responses will be traced back to them. Is it a good idea to include questions about what students are bullies and what students are victims? This type of question perpetuates the idea of blaming the bully and shaming the victim and can actually poison school climate.

Your community’s responses to the survey should guide your future actions.

Anti-bullying programs like BRIM Anti-Bullying Software show a “bullying incidents by month” chart in BRIM’s reports center.

For example, answers to the following questions can help school staff take immediate action to reduce bullying: Armed with this knowledge, staff could increase adult supervision at high risk locations, decrease time between classes (much of the bullying that happens occurs in the hallways between classes or in classrooms before the teacher arrives) and more based on the answers provided in the school bullying questionnaire.

The results of your school bullying survey should show what areas of your school community need improvement.

Did other students say hurtful things over the Internet? When you know the answers to these questions, you can make parents aware of any problems and address bullying school-wide.

Customize this survey or add questions to dig deeper into your school’s overall social environment.Students may only harm one another when you’re not looking, so you can’t address a bullying problem unless you know it’s there.How many times in the last week did a student feel pressured to give another student money?You’ll determine whether your school’s anti-bullying program was effective and where it might need improvement.A bullying questionnaire should accurately gauge your community’s feelings and be a gauge of school culture.Also, bullying dynamic can be more nuanced than this with a good percentage of students being both bullies and victims of bullying – a distinction this sort of questioning fails to identify. What are good questions to include in the bullying questionnaire?Questions that give school staff actionable data are ideal!Each bullying survey is different and targets specific focus areas.For that reason, it’s best to have your school’s anti-bullying committee gather some sample surveys. You can even have them take the survey as if they were a parent or a student.Both before and after implementing any anti-bullying program, it’s critical to do a school bullying survey.By doing this, you can measure the severity of bullying at your school before and after implementing your anti-bullying program.


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