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The complexity of this popular Shakespearean comedy play can overwhelm some students, so finding creative interpretations can help pique their interest and increase their understanding of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Studying Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream invites students to study some of the most beautiful and lyrical language in any of Shakespeare’s plays.As with any work of Shakespeare’s, it takes some time for students to adjust to the language and truly master the art of reading the Bard.

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With the new testing season almost upon us, parents should be aware of what is required so they can help their children prepare.

Depending on the particular type of test –ACT Aspire, SAT, or any of the new computer-based tests—all require writing as an important part of the assessment.

And not just to make them into entrepreneurs, but to benefit your kids and students with the following results of teaching entrepreneurship: are you supposed to teach entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs, among other qualities, need to be able to recognize opportunities in the marketplace.

When studying Shakespeare, especially one of his comedies, you want to ensure that students get a feel for the language and nuance of his wit and humor.

The best thing teachers can do is have them stand up and perform.

Did you know the phrase “to catch a cold” originated in one of Shakespeare’s plays?

These thirteen common phrases that came from Shakespeare will be a surprise to your students, and get them interested in the English Bard.

Teach students about history and writing by comparing the three duels featured in the musical. gives audiences new perspective on significant historical figures.

This lesson plan allows students to examine the songs performed and make determinations about political personalities from the past. craze sweeping the country, a fun way to begin practicing research skills is to use the song lyrics, many of which reference actual historical events, as an introductory way for students to practice quote support.


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