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Project managers need to understand what resources a project needs and what resources the project already has before developing accurate project plans.The topic of resource planning, allocation, and management is often associated with people planning activities common to human resource management (HRM) and planning.

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By the 1970s, this had evolved into Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems for scheduling production processes.

In the 1980s, MRP grew to encompass more manufacturing processes, prompting many to call it MRP-II or Manufacturing Resource Planning.

Perhaps even more importantly, cloud ERP enables reporting and BI, making them even valuable to executives and staff seeking visibility into the business.

As a result, companies of all sizes and a wide range of industries are transitioning to cloud ERP systems.

In fact, Forrester predicts that Saa S-based ERP adoption will rise 21 percent annually through 2015.

When you add up these advantages, the value of ERP—particularly cloud ERP—is clear.This article features an overview of resource planning and explains why it is essential to project management.Plus, you’ll find a variety of free resource chart tools and learn more about expert resource planning techniques to start planning how you will maximize your most important — and most limited — resources.Resource management is an essential project management process and a core activity of human resource management — from large enterprise to small startups. Whether the project is developing a new software feature or the construction of a new building, resource planning directly contributes to the project’s end result.An over-resourced project wastes time, those with too few resources risk missing critical milestones, and those that use the wrong resources won’t meet expectations.With an ERP solution, employees have access to accurate information that enables them to make better decisions faster.Not only that, but ERP software helps to eliminate redundant processes and systems, dramatically lowering the cost of doing business overall.Software-as-a-Service (Saa S) solutions—also referred to as "cloud computing"—have helped fuel this growth.Cloud-based solutions not only make ERP software more affordable, they also make these systems easier to implement and manage.Accelerate Business Performance using Net Suite Cloud ERP.ERP software also offers some degree of synchronized reporting and automation.


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