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Intelogy created a new module, with a new Share Point list where the additional data will be housed and connected in Power Apps.This allows Help Age to track additional information such as survey data.

By working closely with Help Age, Intelogy was able to iteratively build an application with quick feedback and short sprints, ensuring an application they use daily and love.

PEG: COP21 climate change conference – Older people in a changing climate We can’t ignore the consequences of climate change and an ageing world, says Help Age International Adapting to climate change today will protect older people from natural disasters, droughts and famine tomorrow, says Help Age International.

This led to data concurrency issues, shared documents with multiple potential sources of record, avenues for potentially insecure transfer of data and inefficient governance on documents.

There was also no overview of data, no ability to pinpoint trends, and no way to manipulate data for statistical analysis.

Help Age International is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) which helps elderly individuals claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty, so they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives.

Help Age works for and with the elderly by lobbying governments to achieve policy change, undertaking research programs, and through community outreach.

Intelogy has extensive experience in building process-driven, low-code business applications and Power Apps and Flow were the perfect solution for building a bespoke Network database for Help Age.

With Power Apps and Flow, Intelogy built an application with an architecture that centres around long-term scalability.

Help Age utilised large Access databases and a series of Excel sheets to manage their network data.

The principal spreadsheets were stored in a central location but because of latency and global access issues, regional users tended to keep their own version of the truth.


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