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This makes for a clean burn without chemicals or additives. Here are some other examples of cheap rice rolling papers: Elements Rolling Papers come in several sizes and are clean-burning, all-natural rice papers. Cost breakdown for the most popular size (1 1/4) is .49 per box of 50 booklets with 25 papers in a booklet. Clear rolling papers are relatively new to the rolling paper industry and aren't as cheap as hemp or rice papers, but they do look cool and burn nicely.Here are some examples of cheap clear rolling papers: Klear Rolling Papers come in several sizes and are clear cellulose-based papers.

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OCB’s X-pert king size rolling papers are a European favourite, and a cornerstone for many seasoned rollers.

They are ultra-thin, 100% natural, made to burn slow, and have Arabic gumming – making for some long, fat joints!

You can’t buy class, but you can buy a superior rolling paper.

View Product RAW’s connoisseur organic king sized rolling papers take it to the next level.

Even the gum that seals the papers together is 100% natural.

Every Pure Hemp rolling paper carries a signature watermark and guarantees a high-quality roll-up every time.There are now dozens of companies out there, all selling specialised papers specifically for rolling joints- with most of them having their own unique features.Trying to choose can be quite overwhelming, especially for something that should seemingly be so simple.There are no chemicals involved in their production, and the use of rice paper means there is very little ash.They offer a much cleaner experience than other rolling papers out there.Cost breakdown for the most popular size (1 1/4) is .49 per box of 24 booklets with 32 papers in a booklet. Pure Hemp Rolling Papers are obviously pure hemp (as the name states).Cost breakdown for the most popular size (1 1/4) is .49 per box of 25 booklets with 50 papers in a booklet. Hempire Rolling Papers are pretty new and are also cheap hemp rolling papers.These are the master rolling papers made from rice and natural gum for decades in Spain.Many have imitated, but none of our competitors has ever created a rolling paper to match the vintage Smoking Deluxe king size rolling paper.The above favourites are all good quality, inexpensive ways to ensure you are using the best of the best; and when you consider that a book of papers costs between 1 to 2 euros, it is not much of an outlay to take your joints to the next level.Most of these have been specifically designed to be used with marijuana, and will be a delight in your hand, so check them out!


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