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These hotels are luxury hotels and are classified based on an internationally accepted system of classification grading.

It is widely accepted that hospitality industry is one of the most powerful industries marked with a response to a growing demand for resources such as energy, water supply, etc.

Among them, one may determine solar and wind energies.

These types are considered the most effective ones due to the reason that they may be applied in accordance with the orientation of the building.

Although it demands a tremendous amount of efforts, time and finance, the underlying aspect of industry is beneficial for a human-being as well as for the environment in a way that it is resource-saving.

It is reasonable to assume that the eco-friendly hospitality industry is far more advantageous for the well-being of natural resources.However, this particular list is not full due to the reason that the notion of ‘green hospitality’ is extremely broad and related to the construction of green hotels and their management.Apart from preserving vegetation, green hospitality industry presupposes the use of renewable sources of energy that are economical.Planning and designing a hotel facility should be brought into accord with new resource conservation approaches that bring into focus rather economical application of the resources.The tangible links exist between hospitality and construction industry that are also connected with the tourist’s expectation and the use of the resources to the full extent possible.Today, the hotels provide much more than just accommodation and meals.Services are provided to the guests based on their needs and now the hotel industry is commonly referred to as hospitality industry.The dictionary defines hotel as “a place which supplies board and lodging”; “a large city house of distinction”; “a place for the entertainment of travellers” and “a public building”.We can say that 103 Hotels provide accommodation, meals and refreshments for at periods of time for those who stay on the premises and pay for the services provided.According to Sloan & Legrand, “it is not feasible or desirable to continue at current levels of resource use in the construction industry” (111).Eco-friendly design in hospitality industry actually means sustainability, or channeling energy into the appropriate fields of work.


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