Clinical Decision Making Case Studies In Medical-Surgical Pharmacologic And Psychiatric Nursing

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The students though, a series of writing intensive assignments, will be taught how to conduct a written peer review; will practice this in formative written review sessions on their peer's projects.

NURS 200M will culminate with the development of evidenced based practice paper, which will be delivered to their peers as they would at a scientific meeting.

The required 3-credit course is a foundational course for all succeeding nursing courses.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to identify knowledge from nursing and contributing disciplines as a foundation for the understanding of illness; describe selected theories of stress and adaptation; identify basic pathophysiological and psychosocial aspects of illness; relate common manifestations of illness to the underlying pathophysiological and psychosocial processes; identify physical environmental factors associated with the development of illness; recognize the significance of research to the evidence base of nursing practice related to illness; recognize the different pathological changes related to human variation and lifespan.

Introduction to principles and methods of nursing research and application of , research evidence to practice.

, NURS 200W is the introduction to principles and methods of nursing research and the application of research evidence to practice.

NURS 250 Professional Role Dev I: Intro to Professional Issues in Nursing Practice and Nursing Informatics (2) (US)NURS 250US is the first course in the baccalaureate nursing program and introduces the students to the profession of nursing, the science of nursing and the use of information technology in health care.

Designed to explore the wellness component of health and the role that informatics plays in the planning and delivery of health care.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to meet the following course objectives: identify concepts of health and wellness that contribute to a foundation for nursing practice; discuss the influence of diversity on health care delivery systems and utilization of services; identify the roles of the professional nurse in the delivery of health care to patients, families, communities and populations; define elements that contribute to professional, evidence-based nursing practice; describe nursing theory and its relationship to the implementation of the nursing process; describe nursing informatics and its applications in the planning and delivery of health care; demonstrate beginning competency in utilizing information technology/nursing informatics in selected areas of nursing practice (e.g.

research, patient care); apply concepts of ethical and legal considerations to the use of information technology/nursing informatics in health care.


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