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It scans and cross-references the entire document entry, considering not only keywords but also sentence structure and punctuation.Changing specific keywords - even minor words at that - without changing anything else in the text will still net an extremely high risk of being flagged for plagiarism.

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This is perhaps one of the most common and extreme ways that students do their papers - and a surefire way to get in trouble.

Turnitin makes quick work of papers by students who do this method.

Plagiarism cases are an extremely serious matter in the academe.

In most cases, it may lead to the expulsion to the student.

Picture this: college years, professor, term paper, plagiarism - Turnitin.

Chances are, you are familiar with the anxiety around that revolves around Turnitin. For the anxious student who does not want to wind up in a plagiarism case, it is best to know how Turnitin works and how to go about making sure that the paper being submitted passes it with flying colors.A professor would require that the paper, say, should not exceed a Similarity Index of 20 percent; lest, it may be liable as a case for plagiarism.The most significant point here is that plagiarism does not recognize intent.Obviously, if you deal with a subpar level writing service that hires cheap writers who cut and paste from the Internet, the resulting paper will never pass a plagiarism test like Turnitin or Safe Assign.The software will easily find the sentences copied by the writer from different websites.This is especially when the student does not use the proper method of citation and quotation - the latter will be discussed in more detail later. If you copy and paste a piece of text as part of your work, always make sure to utilize the proper quotation method.The simple use of quotation marks, along with a proper in-text citation of the source, will always do the trick.Buying essays on-line is always a questionable and even risky activity, unless you deal with a reputable company that stands behind their service.There are thousands of essay writing services on the market today and most of them are after the quick money, so they won't stop at anything.Often, it takes a few hours for Turnitin to come up with a result.Turnitin allows resubmissions, which take at least 24 hours before yielding a result - this depends on whether the professor permits resubmission entries, to begin with.


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