Communication And Problem Solving Skills

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If you’re really dedicated to finding a way to come to an agreement with people who feel very differently than you do, you have to work on developing the mental flexibility needed to have your own mind changed.

Only then, once you’ve fully grappled with how hard it is to shift your own thinking on an issue, can you have a greater ability to understand the process you’re asking others to go through.

It is important to look deeper into the problem beyond what might seem like the obvious.

For example: The substandard performance of the employees might be seen as a result of laziness or an unwillingness to work and improve oneself.

Sometimes, a debate can become polarizing, and the possible solutions start to feel like either/or options, when in fact, a combination of the two ideas is better.

In order to find that solution, workers need to think both practically and creatively.

There are four basic steps to efficient problem solving in any situation.

They are: Defining and understanding the problem is the first step to problem-solving.

“If you have a gift for the spoken and written word,” workplace expert and author Lynn Taylor told Of course it’s important to develop good listening skills in order to become an expert problem solver.

What takes practice is actually exercising and reliably utilizing those listening skills during a conflict.


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