Compare And Contrast Essay On A Sound Of Thunder

Example: Jeremy enjoys being online, not Jeremy enjoyed being online.

2.) Assume that your reader has read the literature you are discussing. Only refer to or quote from parts of the story that specifically support your points.

Theme – The overall message the author is communicating to the reader, how convincing it is, how much the reader connects with it.

If you think of any others you want to use, let me know!

Intro should name the stories (in quotation marks) and their authors.

You should not say, “I think that this story is better.” Leave yourself out of it. 3 Body paragraphs should include italicized transitional words in each topic sentence.

In the year 2055, time travel has become a practical reality, and the company Time Safari Inc.

offers wealthy adventurers the chance to travel back in time to hunt extinct species such as dinosaurs.

Conclusion should “sum up” your points and effectively restate your thesis Paper should be proofread carefully for errors.

Consider using spell check, reading out loud, sharing with a learning coach or friend, etc.


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