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So, each sport needs to communicate for the team to do well in games and in practice.Without communication with the coach in both sports, players could run into many more issues: such as themselves and others not listening, not knowing what to do, and no one being able to work with each other because of that.In basketball, you are trying to get the ball through a narrow orange hoop, either scoring 1, 2, or 3 points by doing so, depending on how far from the hoop you are.

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Basketball positions are known as point guard, shooting guard, forward, strong forward and center.

Usually one person plays only one position, but back in high school I switched between the forward, strong forward and center positions, because I could handle doing any one of them.

Without communication, volleyball players could dive onto each other, run head/full body into each other or one player could think that another player has the ball when its coming down but doesn’t get it, because they, the other player was thinking the exact same thing.

Basketball on the other hand, if teammates don’t have communication, the game could turn into a four on three situation.

Team work and skill are the two aspects that pull the rest of the similarities together.

They go together in all sports because all teams depend on each other a lot.

The two teams play for 20 minute halves, and can score as many points as the teams possibly can in the allotted time limit.

If the teams are tied in basketball at the end of the allotted time, they go into overtime, in which they play a five minute half and the team with the most points at the end wins.

Volleyball players must get the ball over the net within three touches or the point will go to the other team.

I mentioned that both sports score points, but that is only one of the many ways basketball and volleyball are the same.


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