Contraception In Schools Essay

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For most teens getting birth control is an intimidating experience.Girls must have a complete gynecological exam, which most have never had.

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An increasing amount of school systems are starting to combine messages involving abstinence from sexual activity, and expanding availability of contraceptives, especially condoms.Common diseases among teens are chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV.Chlamydia can cause pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility in women.WIC also provides nutritional education and health care referrals at no cost.Programs such as these help millions of families every year.Schools are now stepping in to further equip their students for life.The distribution of condoms in public high schools will lower the rate of pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers.Teenagers reuse condoms or they use it with a petroleum-based lubricant which can dissolve the condom's latex.Birth control products are only effective if used properly.Among all age groups, teenagers have the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases.Every year one in four teens that have had sex contract a sexually transmitted disease.


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