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A journey through the creative process of writing a short story, from the first creative spark, through its development as a narrative to the final editing step, which often provides the magic that makes a good story into an excellent one.

The genesis of the ideas, the writer´s fertile gaze, how to build a story and how to find the best words to tell it, what to say and what not, suggestion, metaphors and the art of deepening the meaning of the texts: over 6 classes we will travel the path of the storyteller.

This September we will be offering a Creative Writing course in two different classes:—One class will be taught in Spanish and English by Javier Sagarna, head of Escuela de Escritores from Madrid.—One class will be taught in Dutch and English, by Frank Tazelaar, head of Creative Writing at Art EZ university of the arts in Holland. Through writing exercises, reading text and through working together on a short story, you will further develop your writing and storytelling skills., chronotope, how to craft a character, narrative tense, and plot structure.

The classes will be a combination of theory and writing exercises.

You will work during the classes, but you will also need to do homework to really achieve progress in your writing project.

LANGUAGESBoth courses allow you to write in your own language:—Spanish, Papiamentu and English in the course taught in Spanish and English.—Dutch (Nederlands), Papiamentu, and English in the course taught in English and Dutch.

Multilingual tutors will be in attendance to assist with the discussion of the texts.

LEVELSBoth the classes will be open to different levels of participants.

This masterclass explores the creative use of emotions, as tools, in our own writing. The characters of a story consist of 3 parts: the physical body, where sensations manifest themselves, the heart, where feelings and emotions live and the brain, where the mind thinks, draws conclusions and makes decisions.

Likewise, the reader and the writer are composed of those same 3 parts.


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