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Writing and more writing Students need practice writing, and they need to understand that they will not use every word they write. I spend lots of time writing with them and modeling sentences. As we continue, students are responsible for smaller projects as well. On Fridays, we are producing “quick writes.” Students write about a goofy topic that implements a creative side. Thursday: Review characterization activity and practice implementing it into a written format.For instance, students might write about Batman and character motivation. The quick recap: Week One Creative Writing Lesson Plans Monday: Rules, procedures, TED Talk, discussion. Friday: Quick writing prompt, character writing continues.Tuesday: Prior knowledge – brainstorm the modeling of memorable stories. For the second week of creative writing, I begin with narratives.

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You know what I mean: I’m working the kinks out of these activities and plans.

I am developing a vision for the class and am more confident in teaching it.

For instance, what can you learn from a person by their ice-cream toppings? Really though, if a person has a standard order, that reveals a characteristic, as does a person who mixes five flavors.

It is fun for students, and they have the tools to create dynamic characters. I don’t provide a ton of guidelines; I want to see what students create.

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Short Story Writing (Grades 6-8) Use this lesson to assign a short story writing activity as well as to illustrate the critical steps of short story composition, including plot elements, brainstorming, and more.Sharing my vision For day one, I think it is important to set the tone, to immediately establish what I want from my creative writing students. My goal is to show students that I don’t have a predetermined idea concerning what they should write.This discussion takes the rest of the class period.We offer a free motivational classroom kit to educators facilitating Na No Wri Mo.It includes a progress chart, creative writing poster, stickers, and buttons. Some annual events: Na No Prep in October, National Novel Writing Month in November, "Now What?This activity is simple: I ask students to tell me memorable stories – books, play, tv shows, movies – and I write them on the board. This takes longer than you might think, but I like that aspect.This information can help me shape my future lessons.Use our third grade worksheets to help your students advance their creative writing skills.Printables include writing prompts, proofreading checklists, inspiration for writing, and puzzles to improve vocabulary.Activating prior knowledge Students possess prior knowledge concerning creative writing, but they might not consider that.Students should realize that they know what constitutes a great story. During this activity, I want to see how students work together, and I want to build a rapport with students.


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