Creative Writing Sentences

Simple remember that complements complete predicates. There are five complements in English sentence structures: A predicate noun or pronoun names the subject of a sentence.

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Beyond basic sentence structures, we suggest three principles for great sentences in creative writing: Clarity is the first principle of good writing.

Readers and audiences need to understand your writings.

(Thinking about a noun makes the noun an object of action — even if the action is abstract.) An indirect object answers “to/for whom/what? The indirect object receives no action but is frequently confused for a direct object.

A sentence can be rewritten to place the indirect object within a prepositional phrase.

We prefer simple subjects when possible, using collective nouns or pronouns instead of subjects joined by conjunctions.

A complete subject is a simple subject and any modifiers of the simple subject. You should be able to identify the complete subject of a sentence easily since it normally precedes the verb.

Using compound sentences and inversion can add a great deal to any writing.

Do not rely too havily on one “fancy” structure; some ideas are best expressed with simple sentences.

These sentences are not passive because no action is involved.

John Smith names the author; the author is not doing anything in this sentence.


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