Creative Writing Story Themes

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Open another document, and write the craziest thing you can think of.

This exercise helps you loosen up your creativity, which often becomes clogged if you become frustrated. Very often, writer's block is caused by an author trying to take the story in a direction it doesn't want to go.

It was about a crime, a heinous murder of a museum curator who left a clue about his killer written in his own blood.

It was a mystery that became a thriller when the hero found himself in the crosshairs of unseen bad guys.

Preparing to Develop Your Theme Defining Your Theme Weaving Your Theme into Your Writing Finalizing Your Theme Show 1 more... Article Summary Questions & Answers Related Articles References This article was co-authored by Mary Erickson, Ph D.

Mary Erickson is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Western Washington University.Use these story starters on their own or to get ideas for the CWN online writing courses.You'll also find links to more creative writing prompts at the bottom of the page. "I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the lessons and feel they were very helpful in introducing new ideas and perspectives to my writing.It was about a speculated truth that had been, according to the story, swept under the rug of time.It was about the lengths people will go to in the name of what they believe. Which, once you understand it, is like asking about the difference between chopped spinach and filet mignon. To put it in its most simple terms, theme is what our story to reality and life in general.We have holiday-themed worksheets, daily writing prompts, rubrics for grading work, literature guide extension exercises, cross-curricular projects, and much more!Do you want to inspire your students to write great narratives, essays, and reports?She received her Ph D in Communication and Society from the University of Oregon in 2011.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. It can be made explicitly, usually in business correspondence, technical writing, and editorials.It can be a principle or an inevitable stage of growing up. It can be contextual, or it can be the centerpiece of the story. Theme is love and hate, the folly of youth, the treachery of commerce, the minefield of marriage, the veracity of religion, heaven and hell, past and future, science versus nature, betrayal, friendship, loyalty, Machiavellian agenda, wealth and poverty, mercy and courage and wisdom and greed and lust and laughter.And because it can be all of these things, or seemingly none of them yet strangely moving, it is often confusing to writers who can’t quite grasp what it means to the craft of storytelling. Theme is life itself, as manifested in our stories, as seen through our characters, and as experienced through our plots.


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