Descriptive Essay On A Journey By Bus

Descriptive Essay On A Journey By Bus-58
At the bus stand, I found a great rush of people waiting for the bus. So I could purchase a ticket with a great difficulty. After a journey of thirty minutes we reached Ghaziabad. With the help of fellow passengers I got my luggage down. The whole crowd the passengers of the two buses rushed towards it.

At the bus stand, I found a great rush of people waiting for the bus. So I could purchase a ticket with a great difficulty.

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I received a letter from my father to return home from the hostel. As I reached the bus stand, I saw a huge crowd swelling on the road. The journey continued and the bus reached Coimbatore at 10.30 a.m. The sight of green paddy fields on the either side of the road was a feast to my mind.

I took a rickshaw to the bus stand and reached there in time to board the express bus to my destination. I had booked my ticket in advance and so I could get inside the bus easily. From the bus I could see buses creeping up the hill and they looked like small match boxes. the bus reached Mettupalayam, where I had my breakfast. After some time the boy felt better and bus moved forward. After a cup of tea there, we continued our journey to Trichur. I saw the smiling face of my father waiting at the station.

A few stops before the bus interchange, people started getting off the bus and there were no passengers getting on.

Soon, there were only about a dozen passengers left and I even got a seat for the rest of the journey.

On both sides there were beautiful hills full of greenery. The mountain were very imposing and the scenery was enchanting. The sight of mist and fog rising from the valleys and spreading over the mountain was very fascinating. One of them suggested the name of a doctor who had his dispensary nearby. The doctor examined the boy and gave him some medicine.

Some were talking about the politics and the soaring prices. As I got a side seat, I looked outside to enjoy the beauty of Nilgiri Mountains. It was a breath –taking experience to watch the valleys from the bus.

As the bus stopped and moved at traffic lights, I would find myself helplessly bumping into others. I could not even see where the bus was heading as my view was utterly blocked by the passengers surrounding me.

But I did not worry as my school was near the bus interchange.

The bus was filled to the brim and there was not even much breathing space. At the next stop, some people got off and I was able to move inward.

But this made my position even more precarious as more people got on and I found myself sandwiched between two very huge men with nothing to hold on to.


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