Descriptive Essay On Sports

In the USA, the four main sports are ice hockey, baseball, basketball, and football. Young people should know there are opportunities in sport elsewhere.

They need to know they can make a career in sports, and promoting sports as a viable career option would make becoming a professional seem like a less lofty goal.

He was garlanded at the gate and given a bouquet of flowers as a token of official welcome.

Thereafter, he was led to the specially erected pandal by the Wangala dancers.

Only by making it into a profession people can access and communicate these values effectively.

Values like mental strength, the importance of fitness, and working together as a team are important for any young person no matter what background.In this respect games and sports play a significant role.It is in this backdrop that most schools organise their Annual Sports Day.Only by making a career in sports seem like an achievable goal can new role models really have an effect on wider society.Tackling the obesity problem is another issue and only by placing more emphasis on fitness can the current statistical trends change.Our chief guest for the occasion was the newly appointed District Deputy Commissioner.He was solemnly welcomed at the gate by a group of Wangala dancers (Garo dancers) and by the school authorities.By promoting sports, it would increase the number of people joining in with sport.It would help to tackle the increasing obesity levels throughout the country, which are expected to rise in the coming decades.Sports as a career is something few people ever achieve.The majority of people in the sporting world don’t earn the large wages of its biggest stars.


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