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_______________________________ (Patricia Hernandez) I certify that I have read this dissertation and that, in my opinion, it is fully adequate in scope and quality as a dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy._______________________________ (Brenda Lee) Approved for the Stanford University Committee on Graduate Studies. You should not use amended forms of a degree (e.g., Ph D-C or Ph D(c)) to indicate partial completion of your program, nor should you use ABD (all-but-dissertation).

The primary thesis adviser must personally sign one copy of the signature page.

The “Approved for the Stanford University Committee on Graduate Studies” signature is stamped on the signature page by the Registrar's Office after online submission and approval of the dissertation.

Also, in most situations, you need only list your highest credential, based on an assumption that you also have the degrees leading up to it.

You do not need to spell it out, nor do you need to include your academic specialization.

The final signed copy of the signature page and one additional copy of the thesis title page must both be submitted to the Student Services Center, located on the 2nd floor of Tresidder Union, between Monday and Friday.

Text for the Signature Page Put Student Name Here Approved for the department: _____________________________ (Jane Stanford) Adviser Approved for the Stanford University Committee on Graduate Studies.Candidacy status says that you are an active, advanced student, pursuing the last part of your doctoral degree.ABD is not an actual degree nor is it a credential; it is often used informally by individuals who did not complete their degree after they have stopped being a student.Definition of Doctoral Candidacy The status of “doctoral candidate” is defined as an advanced graduate student who has demonstrated mastery of the knowledge of an academic domain or discipline and a readiness to embark on the capstone project.A Walden University student is considered a doctoral candidate when the following expectations, as prescribed in the Program of Study, have been completed.UCI allows Doctoral students and Master students to submit their dissertation or thesis electronically via the UMI ETD system.All required and optional paper forms need to be submitted to the Graduate Division, 120 Aldrich Hall by the submission deadline.The doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis must be submitted as a single electronic Portable Document Format (PDF) file.If the original doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis is a Microsoft Word or RTF file, you will be able to convert the doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis to a PDF at the UCI Dissertation Submission Site.Maintain at least a 1.5" margin on left binding side, and 1.0" margin on all others; note that the names below are for illustration purposes only.Your typed name should be included on the signature page, in the upper right hand corner of the header (right justified).


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