Drowning Girl Roy Lichtenstein Essay

” Donald doesn’t realise that the fishhook – much to Mickey’s amusement – is caught on his own tail.The image, entitled Look Mickey (1961), is bright, eye-catching and entertaining – but also playfully subversive.He built an entire artistic career on deceptively simple works that appropriated from comic books, advertisements and pulp fiction – isolating, cropping or enlarging selected elements to create striking compositions.

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His paintings are alive to contemporary obsessions with youth and beauty, the tyranny of consumer objects, and the intense emotional drama of advertising and the mass media. (1963), for example, Lichtenstein revealed the tensions and militarism of the post-war period and the Cold War.

He used an image gleaned from the 1950s DC comic series All American Men of War to show one plane launching a missile at another, immolating the enemy craft in a ball of flame.

Lichtenstein often portrayed women as concerned with love and marriage and in “Reverie” the woman seems to be daydreaming about something, maybe about love.

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Lichtenstein was born in 1923 into a wealthy family in New York.

After attending summer classes at the city’s Arts Students League, he studied at Ohio State University.The legacy of pop art was the union of art and pop culture.Art was no longer from high-culture sources such as literature, mythology, or religion but from pop culture like television, music, and advertisement.Pop Art developed in the early 1960s as a response to abstract expressionism.It was originally a British movement in the mid 1950s However, artists of this movement such Lichtenstein wanted viewers to be aware that advertising and the production and consumption cycle has come to dominate their lives.Lichtenstein was a fan of jazz music so he decided to make an painting based on the popular jazz song.It is one of the most recorded pop tune in history with over a thousand versions.It wasn’t just a popular song, it permeated America’s pop culture thoroughly.The song was widely used in the pop culture such as in movies and television shows.In 1960, back in New York, he began teaching at Rutgers University in New Jersey during a flowering of avant-garde activity at the institution.The campus became a site for performances, events and collaborations: a point of confluence between movements such as Fluxus and Happenings as well as early environmental art.


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