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But by destroying many of the mechanisms that made the Chinese miracle possible, Xi risks reversing those gains and turning China into just another police state (think a gigantic, more open version of North Korea): inefficient, ineffective, brittle, and bellicose.And that should worry not just China’s 1.4 billion citizens but the rest of us as well.

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Perhaps the most unusual feature of the system Deng created was the way it distributed power among various leaders.All that growth helped some 800 million people lift themselves out of poverty; along the way, China also reduced its infant mortality rate by 85 percent and raised life expectancy by 11 years.What made these achievements all the more striking is that the Chinese government accomplished them while remaining politically repressive—something that historical precedent and political theory suggest is very, very difficult.Censorship never disappeared, for example, but party members could disagree and debate ideas, and internal reports could be surprisingly blunt. Today, Xi is systematically undermining virtually every feature that made China so distinct and helped it work so well in the past.His efforts may boost his own power and prestige in the short term and reduce some forms of corruption.For 35 years or so—from the time Mao died and Deng Xiaoping launched his reforms in the late 1970s until Xi assumed power in 2012—China avoided many of these pitfalls and defied the law of political averages by building what scholars have called an “adaptive authoritarian” regime.While remaining nominally communist, the country embraced many forms of market capitalism and a number of other liberalizing reforms.Because bureaucrats and citizens live in fear, they compete to flatter their bosses.Nobody tells the truth, especially when it could make them or their leaders look bad.As Minxin Pei, a China expert at Claremont Mc Kenna College, explains, the collective leadership model Deng designed helped weed out bad ideas and promote good ones by emphasizing careful deliberation and discouraging risk-taking.Since assuming power in 2012, Xi has worked to dismantle China’s collective leadership system in several ways.


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