Engineering Mathematics 3 Solved Problems

Engineering Mathematics 3 Solved Problems-54
For more information, see University Regulation 4.001 at compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), students who require special accommodation due to a disability to properly execute coursework must register with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) -- in Boca Raton, SU 133 (561-297-3880) and follow all OSD procedures.UNIT I FOURIER SERIES 9Fourier series Odd and even functions Half range sine series Half range cosine series Complexform of Fourier Series Parsevals identify Harmonic Analysis.

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Regular attendance at the lectures and the labs is expected.

It is the student’s responsibility to know what is going on in class.

To minimize disruption to the learning environment, you are requested to arrive on time and not leave until the end of class.

If you do arrive to class late, please come in as quietly as possible.

and Ramaniah, G., Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students, Volumes II and III, S.

If a function defined in (c , c 2l) can be expanded as the infinite trigonometricseries then[ Formulas given above for and are called Eulers formulas for Fourier coefficients]Prepared by : P. EVEN FUNCTION If = in (-l , l) such that = , then is said to be an evenfunction of x in (-l , l). Find the Fourier series of period 2l for the function = x(2l x) in (0 , 2l). UNIT IV PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 9Solution of First order partial differential equation reducible to standard forms Lagranges linearequation Linear partial differential equations of second order and higher order with constantcoefficients. UNIT V BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS 9Solutions of one dimensional wave equation One dimensional heat equation Steady state solutionof two-dimensional heat equation (Insulated edges excluded) Fourier series solutions in Cartesiancoordinates. Here is some information about the course Engineering Mathematics I. Lecture Time: am - pm on Tuesday and Thursdays in GS 107.Instructor: Daiva Pucinskaite (Office/hours/phone/E-mail TBD) Tutoring by graduate students will be available Monday – Thursday: 9am – 5pm, Friday: 9am – 4pm, and Sunday: 1pm – 5pm at the Math Learning Center (MLC), located at GS 211.A missed quiz will result in a score of 0, with no possible make-up.The only exception is any quiz missed due to a university-excused absence; such quizzes may be made up.For tutoring resources, visit missed midterm or final exam may be made up; however, it is the student’s responsibility to establish with documentation that the exam was missed for a solid reason.The student cannot make up a missed midterm or final exam without such documentation.UNIT II FOURIER TRANSFORM 9Cosine transforms Properties (without Proof) Transforms of simple functions Convolutiontheorem Parsevals identity Finite Fourier transform Sine and Cosine transform. S., Higher Engineering Mathematics, Thirty Sixth Edition, Khanna Publishers, Delhi, 2001. Kandasamy, P., Thilagavathy, K., and Gunavathy, K., Engineering Mathematics Volume III, S. Z-transform - Elementary properties (without proof) Inverse Z transform Convolution theorem -Formation of difference equations Solution of difference equations using Z - transform. K., Integral Transforms for Engineers and Applied Mathematicians, Macmillen , New York ,1988.


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