Ericsson The Ways We Lie Essay

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Moving on to ignoring the plain facts, in there author completely spells out how destructive lies can be.When the church in Massachusetts heard complaints about father Porter, they shouldn't have ignored them.The ecclesiastical authorities should have taken complaints a bit seriously.

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Unfaithful in a relationship can also make a couple not get along well if one wants to have a serious interaction with each other because once a lie is told, it more will always come.

A person with a mysterious behavior will make them look suspicious and people around them will object that something is wrong.

A student with that kind of behavior will make the teacher think they are lying to them, for example when you get a homework assignment, they will think someone else did it for them and will not believe them meanwhile the semester continues.

Unusually behavior brings out irresponsibility that can cause family problems in one’s house.

Ericsson in her book defines in details through what circumstance we choose and use the different kinds of lies.

According to the book written by Ericsson, she outlines ten kinds of lies people use on a daily basis.This is a common everyday “lie” that many people uses and somehow not feeling a bit of guilt about lying.Another common lie used by person as she described is known as facades.Lying is a natural part of our life everybody lies more or less.People lie to hide something or to give a false impression.Everyone lies while knowing that morally and ethically it's a wrong thing to do.Even I lie everyone does, but that doesn't mean it's a good thing to do.In one part Stephonie Ericsson gives an example while describing white lie.She tells that its like when "a sergeant in Vietnam who knew one of his men was killed in action, but listed him as missing." He lied and now victim's family will key their hopes were alive for along time thinking that one day he will come home.She speaks of the white lie which is that which an individual uses in order to allow another person to be pleased with a given result.It is that which makes an individual feel good instead of having the truth to hurt their feelings.


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