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Students master the importance of staying on topic, of compellingly supporting their arguments and of sticking to a thesis that they can defend in the allotted space.In addition to outlining a clear argument, students writing argumentative papers must anticipate objections to their position.These traits are called soft skills and they’re more crucial to your job search and overall career than you think.

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One reason soft skills are so revered is that they help facilitate human connections.

“Soft skills are key to building relationships, gaining visibility, and creating more opportunities for advancement,” says Kathy Robinson, founder of Boston career-coaching firm Turning Point.

A teacher might assign an argumentative essay on Shakespeare, for example, to help students learn more about Shakespeare's legacy in literature.

No matter how good an argument or idea is, it won't work if a student can't logically outline her research and make a coherent analysis.

Why you need it: Both written and verbal communication skills are of utmost importance in the workplace because they set the tone for how people perceive you.

They also improve your chances of building relationships with co-workers.

You’ve got a reputation for being the best coder/editor/mechanic/whatever, but it amounts to little if you don’t work well with others.

Some of the most important professional skills for workers and employers alike simply can’t be taught in a classroom or measured on paper.

In addition to the basic grammar and mechanics that students learn through almost every writing assignment, argumentative writing can help students master the importance of paper structure.

A well-written argumentative essay has a clear, narrowly-tailored thesis that is supported by each subsequent paragraph.


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