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And the seas of sunflowers, in bright yellow bloom.These great gold swaths of what are known as common sunflowers were not the species that brought dismissive laughter to the Golden Spur Saloon.

A related aim, and one of the reasons for wanting independence, is that an independent Taiwan could create its own system of government, and because many young Taiwanese want democracy, this is not compatible with China’s one party communist regime.Here we were, just the two of us and the bartender, sharing a vegetarian pizza, drinking Guinness and whiskey mixes, discussing a special sunflower. The cool awe of late August desert mornings, red sweep of sun easing awake over Los Pinos Mountains.The bright, stale heat that followed inevitably each afternoon.The cause of The Taiwanese Sunflower Movement, of democracy and independence, is largely supported by many Taiwanese people.However, because the movement is new, and because it has become a planet movement for a range of smaller causes, it is at present at risk of losing its way.If it can refocus, and create discipline within its ranks, then it can be a force for change in the country. available to everyone, providing a supportive, inspiring Buddhist community that anyone can access, from curious beginners to committed meditators. Unfortunately, advertising and other revenues are falling for print and online media.The Rio Grande dirt-dry, in some sections as early as March.All national forest land in the north closed by the threat of wildfire. Lion’s Roar reaches more readers like you than ever before.We know we have something deeply precious to share with the world, and we want to continue this important work. Thich Nhat Hanh is a renowned Zen Master and poet, and founder of the Engaged Buddhist movement.


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