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Overall people should marry the one that they truly love whether they are gay or straight. Each person should be treated equal and not different.

Many people say that god does not approve of homosexuality (Angelfire). Often times homosexuals are judged and treated differently such as being called names, beaten and sometimes killed but we are all humans.

Many gay couples raise children who are either adopted or either their own from previous relationships.

In lots of scientific studies it has shown that the outcome of kids raised by same sex couples are the same as if the parents were straight.

On the 4th of November, 2008 with the voting in California Proposition 8 passed and it became illegal for homosexuals to marry.

On that day many lawsuits were filed stating that it was un-constitutional and that homosexuals deserved the right to marry. Walker overturned the vote and made it legal again in the State of California for homosexuals to marry (Pending approval)” (Ballotpedia).

“Many homosexuals feel that they have to be secretive about their sexuality due to the risk of possibly being hated, losing their job, or even being judged by their family” (Yahoo! At one point in history people were debating that whites and blacks should be equal and everyone is the same well now its like the same thing is coming up in debate between gays and straights.

Why cant it be settled like it was back then where everyone is equal.

There are kids in schools today with homosexual parents, and it does not seem to affect other kids so how would it effect them if it was legal (Cameron).

Society allows people who are sex offenders and murders and felons to get married and have children.


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