Essay Growing Up Poor

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Even when you don’t have much, there’s always something to be thankful for.

That kind of outlook will stay with you absolutely forever, no matter how old you are, nor how much money you do or don't end up making. In high school, my mom would give me a bit of money for lunch.

At the grocery store, you automatically calculate and estimate of the total, plus tax, of your grocery bill before you get to the checkout lane.

Your bills are always paid on time whenever possible, even if that means sacrificing money for other things like food.

If we didn’t have beds to sleep on, we covered the floor in comforters.

If there wasn’t any money for groceries, we would get creative and try to make a simple meal from what we had.

Consequently, wealthy politicians continue to cut away from life saving programs that provide millions of Americans with food, money, and health care.

Those of us who grew up poor know that poverty isn’t due to a lack of hard work.

If going out and doing fun things was too much of a burden, we would find our own entertainment at home.

When you don’t have much, you realize that what you do have is enough.


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