Essay On Can A Computer Think

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Have you ever caught yourself attributing human characteristics to your computer or to your car?

Both the other human being and the computer would even be allowed to cheat and respond with statements such as, Dont listen to him. To emulate the slower human speed, the computer would also be allowed to wait before responding to mathematical questions, for instance.

You Tube is full of funny videos of people doing all this. Or even better, could you make your Windows-based computer jealous by threatening to move to Apple? Perhaps this is also the reason why the question Can computers think? The most influential person who has reflected on this question is undoubtedly Alan Turing (1912-1954).

(Lots of people, including myself, even give their car a name and can describe its personality.) You most likely do so to your cat, dog or even your goldfish. We pat our computers on the back, we tell customers on the phone that he doesnt want to today, or in the spur of a techno-anger moment we even hit our computers. What would happen if you would ignore your computer for a week after he (it) let you down? Still, it seems to be deeply human to describe things around us in our own human terms.

Because of its practical solution, it equates intelligent behavior with human behavior. Humans can display extremely unintelligent behavior (like hitting their computer and thinking it helps).

And who says that human intelligence or the human way of thinking is the only way of thinking? It will take some time before they can compensate for your input. Commander Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation Translation: Geordi, I will miss you. In a 1950 paper that is a remarkably good read, Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Turing introduced what is now known as the Turing test. Turing was a pioneer in computer science and was responsible for cracking the German Enigma encryption machine during World War II.What is intelligence anyway, and what does it mean to think?But the Turing test has been widely criticized, too.Well there are now robots that can navigate through a room where they have not been programmed to handle but they can navigate through it without bumping into anything.They can’t do it with the efficiency of a human but they can do it. Well does that mean that a computer can think because it can answer that question. Webster’s New Compact Dictionary defines ‘think’ as “1. Another argument my grandma used was my little cousin and how when he runs into a wall he learns that it hurts so he doesn’t do it again. Would you know that 1×5 does not equal 10 if everyone you ever met said that it did.So once again they can think according to a definition of ‘to think’.My dad felt that a computer would not be able to think because if you put it in a room and never used it, it wouldn’t be able to think.


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