Essay On Childhood Is A Time Of Joy And Pleasure

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Play is, first and foremost, an expression of freedom. The joy of play is the ecstatic feeling of liberty.Play is not always accompanied by smiles and laughter, nor are smiles and laughter always signs of play; but play is always accompanied by a feeling of “Yes, this is what I want to do right now.” Players are free agents, not pawns in someone else’s game.By “most people” I don’t just mean most scholars who study play.

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Let me elaborate on these characteristics, one by one, and expand a bit on each by pointing out some of its implications for thinking about the purposes of play.1.

Play is self-chosen and self-directed; players are always free to quit.

In adults, play is commonly blended with other motives, having to do with adult responsibilities.

That is why, in everyday conversation, we tend to talk about children “playing” and about adults bringing a “playful attitude” or “playful spirit” to their activities.

This essay is the first in a series I plan to post on .

The subject of this first installment is the definition of play. Most of this essay is about the defining characteristics of play, but before listing them there are three general points that I think are worth keeping in mind.

It is a means of creating and preserving friendships.

It also provides a state of mind that, in adults as well as children, is uniquely suited for high-level reasoning, insightful problem solving, and all sorts of creative endeavors.

If one player attempts to bully or dominate the others, the others will quit and the game will be over; so players who want to continue playing must learn not to bully or dominate.

People who don’t agree to a proposed change in rules may likewise quit, and that is why leaders in play must gain the consent of the other players in order to change a rule.


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