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), and the sudden (and sometimes magical) change from drudge to "pretty as a princess" is a pretty good, dramatic make-over.Erica ...) What most seem to get so hung up on is the fact that some deus-ex-machina "fairy godmother" comes in to give Cindy some help--Which, of course, was a Protestant English rewrite/invention to cover up the "religious" elements once the tale left France: In the original French sources, Cindy is the only one to still remember her late mother, "waters the tree with her tears", and is kind to the birds, which we get the distinct impression the Sisters are not...

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As I understand it, the story originated with an oriental version.

I've seen a movie version where a tree growing over a mother's grave replaced the fairy godmother.

And the only way to make such a situation seem insurmountable is to give the Bad People all the advantages, of looks, money, influence and the cool cars--Ah, but that there's one thing they have, in the end...

(And there's certainly no conflict to the story in the first place, if we have two minor-league sisters who couldn't have a hope of swiping the prince away under their own power.) My understanding of fairy tales in general is that prettiness equates to goodness ("she was as good as she was pretty") as a sort of storyteller shorthand.

Why it should appeal now more than, say, 70 years ago, I don't know.

If you're going to look at Cinderella then you should look at the many variations of the story.

" level of Veronica's theory, which, if true, would be beneath the character's generous nature-- No matter how the playwright or screenwriter feels about Cindy's situation, her own sense of virtue wants to give her step-siblings the benefit of considering them as "family", and she is mistreated as a reward.

At some heart of the story, the focus is on "When bad things happen to good people".

Hiya, I'm currently writing my dissertation on the meaning and importance of fairytales in society by examining the specific case study of Cinderella!

Wondered if anyone has got any suggestions or general comments on Cinderella?


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