Essay On Developing A Retention System

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Parents often find the decision agonizing, and it can be difficult for some parents to climb entirely on board.

It is necessary to note that any retention decision should be made after much evidence is collected and after several meetings with parents.

It is essential that you do not spring it on them at the final parent/teacher conference of the year.

If grade retention is a possibility, it should be brought up early in the school year.

You could have two students who are remarkably similar developmentally but due to external factors, retention would only be appropriate for one and not the other.

Each school district typically has its own retention policy. For districts that do not oppose retention, teachers need to make themselves familiar with their district’s policy.The biggest positive effect of grade retention is that it provides students who are truly behind developmentally a chance to catch up.Those type of students will begin to thrive once they are developmentally on grade level.Finally, a plan of study details specific consequences for not meeting their specific objectives, including grade retention.Talent management is not just a simple human resource key term one will come across.Retention is often ineffective in this case as well.Student behavior can be another reason that a teacher chooses to retain a student. Poor behavior is often tied to the developmental level of the child.Another alternative would be to place a ​student on a plan of study.A plan of study puts the ball in the student’s court sort of speak.Grade retention can also have a profound impact on a student’s socialization.This becomes especially true for older students who have been with the same group of students for several years.


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